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imToken: How to stay safe on Layer 2?

Layer 1 refers to the Ethereum blockchain itself, and Layer 2 is a network or technology that operates on top of Ethereum to improve its scalability and efficiency.

imToken & Layer 2

As one of the earliest Ethereum wallets, imToken has worked on the Ethereum ecosystem for a long time. 

  • imToken deeply integrated zkSync to provide users with the first-stop experience of the Layer 2 ecosystem after the launch of zkSync 1.0.

  • imToken supports the custom node function, allowing users to switch between Layer 2 networks such as Optimism and Arbitrum with one click. 

  • We are also actively participating in the Layer 2 ecosystem building, and have invested in some excellent projects such as zkSync, Aztec, StarkWare, etc., as well as providing support for the development of Layer 2 projects.



Rollup is the most popular Layer 2 scaling solution at the moment. This type of solution improves Ethereum scalability by offloading transactions from Layer 1 to Layer 2 for data processing and compression, and then uploading the compressed data to the Ethereum mainnet.


Rollup can be mainly divided into two types: ZK Rollup and Optimistic Rollup.

  • ZK Rollup

    • Advantages: use zero-knowledge proof to ensure data validity and guarantees the security;

    • Disadvantage: Poor compatibility with EVM, and the generation of zero-knowledge proofs is time-consuming;

    • Projects based on ZK Rollup include zkSync and StarkWare


  • Optimistic Rollup

    • Advantages: EVM campatible, and more friendly to DApp developers and users;

    • Disadvantage: Fraud proofs are used to ensure data validity, so when users withdraw funds back to the mainnet, they need to wait for challenge period (seven days)

    • Projects based on Optimism Rollup inlcude Arbitrum and Optimism

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