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.bit: Your Web3.0 Identity

.bit, Web3.0 identities for you and your community.


.bit is an open source, cross-chain decentralized identity system that provides a globally unique naming system with a .bit suffix. As a DID system, .bit meets the ultimate requirements of Web3.0.


It can be used for cryptocurrency transfers, authentication, and other scenarios. .bit has powerful cross-chain capability and supports ETH/BNB Chain/Polygon/Tron and any other public chain address. .bit comes in various languages such as hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, 🚀🌕.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and bonjour.bit.


1. Add your addresses to your .bit, then everyone can transfer tokens/NFTs to you conveniently.

When your friend transfers tokens/NFTs to you, he/she only needs to enter your .bit account instead of a lengthy address.


2. Set a .bit alias for your address to have a unified username in DApps, a personal homepage URL, an identity badge, etc. Unexpected surprises are waiting for you.

Set a .bit alias for your address. When you use DApps, NFT browsers, etc., different products will display your .bit as a username, use your .bit to generate a unique URL, or use it to generate an identity badge, etc. Cool and interesting.

3. No need to set up any data, .bit will automatically build your personal multi-chain NFT store/gallery.

If you own satoshi.bit, you will automatically have website. will automatically show your NFTs, POAPs, etc. on multiple chains.

If you change your nickname to your .bit account in Jike App, you will automatically get an NFT BOX showing NFTs that belong to the owner address of the .bit account.

4. You can search for any .bit account directly in applications to look up the relevant information.

In NFTSCAN, NFTGo, 5Degrees, About³.me, Whois³ and other applications, you can directly search for any .bit account and look up information about the owner address of the .bit account, such as the latest NFT data, transaction records and related social information.

5. Decentralize your website with IPFS and connect your .bit name.

You can decentralize your website with IPFS, and then show your IPFS content on your page. (No fee and no gas)

6. More interesting applications

Many developers have developed different applications based on .bit. Enjoy yourselves!

Explore more interesting applications now!

How to get your .bit on imToken?

Here is a step by step guide on how to access .bit on imToken.

Learn more about .bit

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Github

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