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Aboard Exchange: Order book DEX on Arbitrum

Aboard Exchange is an order book decentralized derivatives exchange and offers the largest number of perpetual pairs on Arbitrum. We seek to solve current decentralized derivatives exchanges' defects by having more products, better efficiencies, and more trading tools. 


The Exchange Features:


  1. Full Suite of Products

    Token Perpetuals
    Aboard offers 12 token perpetuals with low trading costs, and we currently have 14 trading pairs on Arbitrum. Additionally, users can choose up to 25X leverage and utilize a cross-margin trading system to maximize capital efficiency. By Q4 2022, Aboard will have 30 - 40 perpetual contracts available.

    Index & Index Perpetuals
    We are proud to say that we are the only decentralized derivatives exchange offering index perpetuals. Aboard currently has two index perps: the Large-Cap index and the Aboard DeFi-20 index. We will launch a Web3 index, a Metaverse Index, and more by Q4 2022.

    Non-linear Products
    Aboard Exchange will also offer non-linear products such as options and perpetual squares. 

    Other Products
    In addition to the previously mentioned products, Aboard Exchange also plans to launch other products, including lending & borrowing, margins, and spots. Lending and borrowing products will be available by 2023.

  2. Efficiency

    Why order book
    Aboard chooses the order book system to bootstrap most market trading volume. Compared with an AMM, an order book exchange:

    - has lower trading costs
    - offers smoother trading experiences
    - can have more trading pairs
    - is compatible with more quant strategies
    - has a wider economic moat​

    Cost & Performance
    Aboard utilizes an innovative trading core and deploys on efficient chains to minimize trading costs and latency. Further, Aboard takes care of the gas fee. Traders only need to pay a trading fee significantly below the market rate.

    Fast Withdrawals
    By applying third-party cross-chain and cross-layer solutions, users have the option of instantly withdrawing and transferring tokens across Ethereum and Arbitrum.

  3. Professional Features

    Advanced Order Types
    We will bring TradFi trading experience into the DeFi world. In addition to basic order types, including market, limit, and stop orders, Aboard will offer the following advanced order types for professional traders by 2023: Reduce Only, Trailing Stop, Pegged, Combo, and more.

    Advanced Trading Tools
    Aboard's trading toolbox will include book trader, chart trader, options trader, trading API, risk controller, portfolio monitor, and more. Aboard's trading API will enable quants to implement algorithms or quantitative trading strategies. The risk controller shows real-time exposure of positions, and managers can click on their predefined rebalancing strategy to control risks. Chart traders will be available in Q3 2022. Risk/portfolio monitor and options trader will be available in Q4 2022.



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