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imKey: Your Best Friend for Asset Management

Experienced team

imKey was founded in 2018 by experts with complementary backgrounds in embedded security, cryptocurrencies and financial companies. 

At the beginning of its establishment, imKey has obtained angel investment from imToken, a world-leading crypto wallet, and has long focused on the security of crypto assets. imKey has launched a series of products such as imKey Pro and imKey Secret Box.


Safe and good products

Why do you need a hardware wallet?

Crypto wallets can be divided into two types: cold wallets and hot wallets.

Cold Wallet: a wallet created offline and eliminates cyber threats, making the assets in the wallet more secure. 

Hot Wallet: A wallet connected to the internet and is vulnerable to cyber attacks

Crypto theft is on the rise and most crimes are committed through stealing users’ mnemonic and private key by online attacks. So to avoid the mnemonic from being compromised, imKey has launched the hardware wallet imKey Pro, a kind of cold wallets, that can generate and store your mnemonic offline to keep your assets safe.


You can evaluate the security of a hardware wallet from three aspects, namely, security chip , security mechanism and supply chain

1. Security chip

The security chip of a hardware wallet usually refers to the Secure Element (SE). SE is a tamper-proof microprocessor chip, capable of securely storing data, encryption and decryption operations through unique security components and chip operating system (COS). Security chips are commonly used in IC card, SD card, SIM card, eSE, USB security key, wearable devices, etc.

imKey Pro uses the CC EAL6 + security chip and has the following security features:

  • Built-in true random number generator;

  • Dual-core CPU, one for program execution, one for security detection;

  • All CPU registers have mask function;

  • All NVM and RAM are encrypted and have special integrity verification protection;

  • Equipped with temperature, voltage, frequency, light sensors and special protection net;

  • Equipped with DES, AES and a co-processor for PKI operations.


Note: The key to crypto assets security is the private key, which is actually a string of random numbers. The security of the random number directly affects that of the private key. The chip built in imKey uses a true random number generator, which usually generates random numbers from thermal noise. It has strong randomness, a high level of security, and is difficult to predict. Therefore the security of your assets stored through imKey is ensured since that of the private key is guaranteed.

2. Security mechanism.

The flow of a hardware wallet from production to delivery to the user is shown in the following picture.


Four scenarios will pose risks to your assets.

  1. The hardware wallet has already been used by others before it is delivered to users.

  2. Connecting private keys to the network accidentally.

  3. Losing imKey and someone accessing your hardware wallet.

  4. Non-authorized clients accessing your hardware wallet.

In order to avoid these risks, imKey adds some advanced security features to keep your assets safe.

  1. Irreversible Seal: An irreversible seal is glued on the box of the product so that it can be discovered once it is opened, making sure imKey Pro delivered to your remains unopened!

  2. imKey Pro only supports Bluetooth & USB connections, so the entire process is offline, ensuring that your private key is not connected to the internet.

  3. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, and is used to verify the identity of the imKey users. When users turn on imKey, they will be asked to set a code to prevent the device from being manipulated by others

imKey allows users to type in PIN using physical buttons, which dramatically reduces the possibility of the numeric being intercepted. To ensure the security of assets in the wallet, imKey will be automatically reset if users type in the wrong PIN five times in a row. So please remember to back up your PIN since it cannot be reset once you lose it.


4. Binding code is composed of 8 random numbers and letters, which is used to bind imKey and imToken to prevent unauthorized clients from accessing imKey. Be sure to back up your binding code which will come in handy if you want to re-bind imKey to imToken.

In addition, imKey Pro supports you to sign what you see and authenticate transactions. When using imKey Pro to transfer funds, physical keystrokes are required for confirmation,

3. Prevent supply chain attacks

The imKey team's supply chain security management focuses on the following areas.

Manufacturing: The imKey team reached a consensus with Feitian, a well-known Chinese security hardware manufacturer, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Packaging: original packaging & irreversible seal & authenticity verification

4. Powerful features

imKey Pro is a hardware wallet that generates and stores mnemonics/private keys offline, and then binds with imToken via Bluetooth to generate wallet addresses, i.e. imKey wallet addresses. 

Thanks to imToken native integration, you can use an imKey wallet address in imToken to experience most of the features of the software wallet! 

What you can experience with imKey

  • Support for 11 public chains (When setting up imKey Pro, BTC / ETH / EOS / ATOM wallets will be created by default) You can manage assets on 11 public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. imKey Pro also allows users to transfer/swap tokens, sign what you see, approve transactions and interact with DApp.

  • Support for custom nodes: You can one-click switch between Ethereum and EVM compatible chains such as BSC, HECO, Polygon, etc.

  • Support Tokenlon and other DEXs: Non-mainland China users can use DEX DApps normally.

  • Layer2 friendly: Supports ArbitrumzkSyncOptimism, and their rich ecosystem DApps.

  • Support for imKey Manager: With imKey Manager, imKey Pro enables users to manage the hardware wallet, upgrade firmware, and swap tokens on the web version of Tokenlon.

  • More features are waiting for you to explore ...

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