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O3 Swap: Swap Across Networks

O3 Interchange (O3 Swap V2) is the first Cross-Chain DEX. By aggregating multiple high-quality DEXs on the source chain and target chain, users are no longer limited in cross-chain assets, and can trade any native asset across chains in one click. The exchange can also quickly add support for more EVM compatible networks and asset exchanges.

The main application Layers on O3 Interchange are Swap, Bridge and Gas Station.

O3 Swap: Bridging happens through the O3 Aggregator and the Poly Network relay node network. DEXs are aggregated on the source chain and the target chain, calling the corresponding liquidity for price comparison to obtain the optimal price path, and finally realizing the cross-chain transaction of asymmetric native assets.

O3 Bridge: Based on PTMCs and pToken AMM Pools, users can achieve seamless cross-chain symmetric native assets through the Bridge entry.

O3 Gas Station: O3 Gas Station is developed based on the O3 Swap to provide users with a simple interface and powerful function. Through Gas Station, users can redeem native Gas Tokens on any supported network.

Innovations of O3 Interchange:

1. Generic cross-chain DEX, not just a cross-chain bridge

O3 Interchange has its own uniqueness. It not only supports cross-chain exchange of symmetric assets, but also supports cross-chain exchange of asymmetric digital assets. That is, using O3 Interchange, X assets on chain A can be converted into Y assets on chain B. It not only achieves the effect of DEXs in the selection of trading assets, but also gives users a DEX-like experience in terms of liquidity and interactive experience.

2. Cross-chain liquidity solution based on AMM and Trustlessness

The NPAPs liquidity pool model is a higher-order cross-chain liquidity solution proposed by O3 Interchange on the basis of its V1. It inherits the natural advantages of Curve AMM - trustless and completely implemented by contract functions.

The composition of the NPAPs liquidity pool is: native assets and their corresponding cross-chain soft assets (pTokens anchored through the O3 protocol) form a trading pair, which is specially used to exchange native assets and cross-chain soft assets to ensure that users receive on the target chain. 

The The Economic Model

The project token name of O3 Interchange is O3 (ERC-20), with a total circulation of 100,000,000. Cross-chain users through O3 Interchange only need to pay a certain network fee and a very low liquidity pool conversion fee, and the O3 team will use the trading fee income from all sectors to regularly repurchase O3 circulating in the market, and will 80% of them will be destroyed, and O3 will enter the era of deflation.

Start providing liquidity into O3’s liquidity pools on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism, and Gnosis in the O3 Hub to get your LP token, and then stake LP token in the O3 Vault to earn $O3 rewards. The first pools are:  LP-WETH, LP-ETH, LP-USDT, LP-USDC, LP-DAI, LP-MATIC, LP-WFTM, LP-WXDAI, LP-WMATIC. 

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