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Volmex: Crypto Volatility Protocol on Layer 2

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Volmex is building a suite of crypto volatility products. Our mission at Volmex is to build the best possible crypto volatility indices and experiences for crypto volatility traders. Volmex pioneered the first crypto volatility index and tradable crypto volatility product, volatility token v1. The Volmex Bitcoin Volatility Index and Volmex Ethereum Volatility Index track the 30-day implied volatility of Bitcoin and Ether respectively, similarly to the VIX index and the way it gauges the implied volatility of the S&P 500.

Volatility products make it easy to get exposure to implied volatility with a single product, without expiry. Volatility products package exposure into a simple user experience.

In Volmex volatility token v1, Volmex’s first crypto volatility product, minters mint volatility tokens and LP them on different DEXs to earn trading fees in a fairly neutral strategy. Traders buy and sell volatility tokens to generate alpha or hedge. Volatility token pricing is market-determined and aims to track the sentiment of the reference indices. The threat of global settlement is the primary mechanism underpinning the system.

Volatility token v1 is currently live on the Polygon, Arbitrum, and Ethereum mainnets. 

Volatility token v1 progress to date:

  • 26,000+ unique depositors 

  • 8,700+ unique traders 

  • 10,800+ unique DEX LPs 

  • $5.5m+ cumulative trading volume since launch 

  • $1.9m+ in TVL between core contracts and DEXs 


Volmex has many new products and initiatives in development, so join our community to learn more and stay updated!  


Volmex Labs is the leader in crypto volatility products and indices. The Volmex Labs team consists of world-class talent from various crypto and TradFi companies including Staked, IMC Trading, ConsenSys, and more. Volmex is backed by leading crypto investors and traders including Alameda Research, Robot Ventures, CMS Holdings, and more. 

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